Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Enhancing OPAC Records for Discovery, by Patrick Griffis and Cyrus Ford

This article proposes adding keywords and descriptors to the catalog records of electronic databases and media items to enhance their discovery. The authors contend that subject liaisons can add value to OPAC records and enhance discovery  of  electronic  databases  and  media  items  by providing searchable keywords and resource descriptions. The authors provide an examination of OPAC records at their  own  library,  which  illustrates  the  disparity  of  useful  keywords  and  descriptions  within  the  notes  field  for media item records versus electronic database records. The authors  outline  methods  for  identifying  useful  keywords for  indexing  OPAC  records  of  electronic  databases.  Also included is an analysis of the advantages of using Encore’s Community Tag and Community Review features to allow subject liaisons to work directly in the catalog instead of collaborating with cataloging staff.

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