Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Camtasia article

Since writing this article I have moved on to different software that is very user friendly and is open source (FREE). It is produced by TechSmith and is called JING. I have created four flash tutorials in JING and they can be seen in the ASU Nursing LibGuide. Here is the link http://libguides.asu.edu/content.php?pid=4690&sid=401513 (Tab -Advanced Tutorials EBP)

The fourth flash tutorial can be found at the same link under the RefWorks tab and is moving citations from PubMed to RefWorks (the bibliographic management tool).

Unfortunately the streaming video "How to Order an Article that ASU Does Not Own" has been taken down. The ASU Libraries Online Learning Workgroup has decided to brand all videos on the tutorials web page. All of my videos that were created with Camtasia have been taken down.

Kathleen Carlson