Friday, June 5, 2009

Adding Delicious Data to Your Library Website, by Andrew Darby and Ron Gilmour

Social bookmarking services such as Delicious offer a simple way of developing lists of library resources. This paper outlines various methods of incorporating data from a Delicious account into a webpage. We begin with a description of Delicious Linkrolls and Tagrolls, the simplest but least flexible method of displaying Delicious results. We then describe three more advanced methods of manipulating Delicious data using RSS, JSON, and XML. Code samples using PHP and JavaScript are provided.


Anonymous said...

For an example of how you can use the methods described here in subject guides, see: Subject Guides: Maintaining Subject Guides Using a Social Bookmarking Site by
Edward M. Corrado that appeared in Partnership this past December. It can be viewed at:

Sara said...

We at JTS library also added our Delicious data in Jewish Education,
on our webpage in a section called for Useful Bookmarks.
Sara Spiegel