Monday, July 12, 2010

Announcing ITAL Preprints

Beginning July 12, 2010, we will post preprints of forthcoming articles at the ITAL Web site. Preprints will be added when available and will be removed upon publication. At this time we have the following:
  • Kayla L. Quinney, Sara D. Smith and Quinn Galbraith
    Bridging the Gap: Self-directed Staff Technology Training
  • José R. Hilera, Carmen Pagés, J. Javier Martínez, J. Antonio Gutiérrez and Luis de-Marcos
    An Evolutive Process to Convert Glossaries into Ontologies
  • A. Malizia, P. Bottoni and S. Levialdi
    Generating Collaborative Systems for Digital Libraries: a Model-Driven Approach
  • Marijke Visser and Mary Alice Ball
    The Middle Mile: The Role of the Public Library in Ensuring Access to Broadband