Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Issue Introduction: What Do You Mean by “Discovery”?, by Judith Carter

Mwuah  ha  ha  ha  haaa!  Finally  it’s  my  turn.  I hold  the  power  of  the  editorial.  (Can  you  tell
I’m  writing  this  around  Halloween?)  Seriously now, I’ve been intimately and extensively involved with Information  Technology  and  Libraries  for  eleven  years,  yet this is the first time I’ve escaped from behind the editing scenes  to  address  the  readership  directly.  As  managing editor for seven of the eleven volumes (18–22 and 27–28) and  an  editorial  board  member  reviewing  manuscripts (vols. 23–26), I am honored Marc agreed to let me be guest editor for this theme issue.

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